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And here I’m standing naked
Laughing madly at the sun.
Though I wanted to sleep late today
The Battle’s just begun.

The Battle, BS&T

38 years ago today, home alone from high school on a sick day, my radio brought me early news reports claiming that rioting students at a university in Ohio had killed several national guardsmen. By that same evening, news reports from Kent State U had sorted out who had murdered whom, but the lies never stopped, and to this day justice has never been sought by a government which still pretends it has the right to murder its own children to achieve personal goals and vendettas of those only temporarily in power without ever being in control of their own selves.

Sandra. Bill. Allison. Jeffrey. And those wounded. And those threatened. And all those affected by the acts committed that day. Remembered, in life, always.

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Written by macheide

4 May 2008 at 1:53 pm

Posted in DRAM


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