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MSN SMS Not Entertaining

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msn sms not entertaining

One of these days when I have nothing better to waste time on, I’ll spit out a little venom on how incredibly brainless MSN’s SMS alerts are. For this morning, though, I’ll only finally waste a few minutes on at least finally stopping the idiocy from spamming my cell phone. I’ll miss my daily laugh-at-Microsoft hits a little, truth be told, but will just have to find some other silliness to keep myself occupied.

But rather than just discontinue the entire MSN SMS alert flow off completely at the stem of it all – the basic election to receive any alert at all – let me first come over here to verify something that had been annoying the hell out of me. Tell me what I’m missing: does this screenshot have “Entertainment” selected? I didn’t think so. So then, why do I get the stupidest SMS alerts of the entire batch – the MSNBC Entertainment ones – more regularly than any of the others?

So, right after this screenshot I unselected everything. Now watch. Until I turn the whole damn thing off, I’ll probably still keep getting those numbskull Entertainment alerts. I know, in its own ways the Google SMS system is as bad if not worse. But if MSN SMS alerts are even a small illustration of how Microsoft thinks it might mount any competition with Google, perhaps they should just offer to let themselves be bought out by Yahoo!

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Written by macheide

4 May 2008 at 8:11 am

Posted in PrtSc, reprobate


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