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Kitty Bath

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kitty bath
Poor Kitty is not having himself the Saturday he would have scheduled for himself. Yes, he did get to go outside for a few minutes this morning while we were trimming foliage in the back yard, but he barely got to feel his fluff flying in the cool breeze or poke his nose out the left-open gate before Natalie carried him back inside. Now he’s being given a bath to try to cut back on all the hair he’s been depositing around the house. He’ll creep through the house uncomfortably carrying his wet fur and crawl under the bed to sulk, then take the entire afternoon getting some style back to his elegant tail. Poor poor Kitty. (Thanks to Kelly for the cell phone picture.)

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3 May 2008 at 12:00 pm

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Trim Around the Rears

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trim around the rears
Well, we were going to be working on the back yard today anyway. But about an hour ago, a very bad noise on the other side of our bedroom wall cut short what had been a slow lazy start to this post-travel Saturday morning. Turns out that the pump for the Polaris cleaning system for our pool is shot, will need replacing.

Oh well, cold front and a pleasant breeze combine with sunshine to make it a good morning for getting outside anyway. So Susan clips behind the garage, I clip here where the Polaris pump has been covered up, and we work together to shred and bag the clippings. I am still tiring too quickly after last weekend’s illness, so we’re nowhere near halfway through, but we did still get a fair amount trimmed back.

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3 May 2008 at 10:40 am

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Google Docs Not Ready for Heavy Lifting

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Google Docs isn’t worth the waste of time for any serious heavy-duty document development.

Having recently refreshed my own memory of the “wall” I had envisioned almost 20 years ago, late yesterday I finally attempted to actually start building the Wall itself. I won’t elaborate here on numerous recent influences, other google docs I’d started experimenting with, separate but related projects, and a host of other realities and dreams that came together at the exact moment of conception, other than to suggest this was not a step I meant to take so lightly. Alas, Google Docs gives me flipflops when I need Army boots.

So less than one day into using Google Docs for this endeavor, I’m already aborting, at best hoping to transfer my day’s work over to something that will at least carry me forward until I can find the right tool. Less than one day’s work! and already Google chokes up hairballs anytime I try to pull the fledgling bookmarks and styles and tables and other structures into place that will be necessary for bringing to life the true spirit envisioned for the wall. If I find myself struggling for 3-5 minutes over the simplest internal crosslinks after one mere day of drafting, how bad can I expect it to be after the 3-5 years I expect it might take before I reach critical mass?

So after a promising first half-day of life, already the Wall is orphaned vis a vis its host. If any of the few readers of this blog have any good ideas, I’m open to suggestions.

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3 May 2008 at 9:21 am

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Wall Blueprint

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wall blueprint

After 20 years of dreaming about it and dabbling around the edges at it, yesterday evening I finally began building the Wall, what some at my old workplace had described as a virtual version of the way my head views the work I do. Once finally launched into the project, I could have worked at it all night long, but tried to force myself to stop around 1am. Attempting to sleep with my brain running near light speed didn’t work, however, so I pretty much spent the morning rolling from one side to the other to sift things around up there, like a cement mixer. In the process managing to sketch out the Wall in my hair by the time I finally sat up this morning.

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3 May 2008 at 6:50 am

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