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Banquet Cheer

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banquet cheer
We’re back from our week in New Orleans in time to join Nat at San Jac’s Cheerleaders’ Banquet. Nat did all the arrangements for the event, so of course everything went quite well.

Well, almost everything. On our arrival at the San Jac room where we were meeting, I was immediately sought after to try to get the computer equipment running so they’d be able to show the powerpoint slide of snapshots at the end of the banquet. A school computer was sitting there locked up to a projector, but nobody could log into the school’s system. Ummm, like I would know how to break into a school’s network?? I’ve got a reputation for breaking computers and networks, not making them work. Eventually, they were able to call someone from elsewhere on the campus to come over and fix things for us.

Good food, pleasant dinner company, good farewell speech from Nat as this past year’s cheerleading team captain, some interesting snapshots in the slideshow, and all that remains is for Nat to remember to turn in her cheerleading uniform.

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2 May 2008 at 7:19 pm

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Thirsty Kitty

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thirsty kitty

The water bowl is empty,
and Kitty can’t chew the caps off the water bottles.

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2 May 2008 at 4:04 pm

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Not Raising My Roof

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Yes, I know, I know. While I was dragging through the final day of this past week’s business meeting yesterday, then doing the 6-hour ride back today, the Wall Street managed first to bump a dent in my ceiling, then punch a hole on through.

Doesn’t budge me the least in my opinion. I think this an artificial high, and very temporary, much like a stray wave surprising a sunbather thinking the sands left safely dry to the ebbing tide. Which is what we get from regular pension fund departures from equity on the order of about a third of a billion every day the market sees action. That’s money leaving the market permanently, not coming back anytime soon if ever at all, and it’s coming out regularly day after day whether the market psyches itself out with a scrap of good economic news every now and then or not. So we might have a brief influx of enough happy cash to balance out today’s pension cashouts, but where is the new happy cash that will need to be there for the next round of cashouts next Monday, Tuesday, and every day after that on throughout the year and beyond?

I still don’t see it. Favorable Fed policy or not, strengthening dollar or not, economic turnaround or not, that pension money is coming out. And until someone bellies up to the bar with $100 billion of cash – new cash, that is, not just little wads of crumbled up bills that had been sitting in the bottom of the pocket – this market still has a strong ebbing tide to fight.

So although we’ve seen two days past 13k, I’m not raising my ceiling on where I think the highest reasonable value on this market stands. We’re merely above that, so I’ll be calling it a correction when very soon the market swings back down below.

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2 May 2008 at 3:48 pm

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The Way I’d Been

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“If you are chilly,
here take my sweater.
Your head is aching,
I’ll make it better.”

Pretty much the entire past week since last Saturday morning that song’s been constantly running through my mind.

Early on in that stretch, I woke in the solitude of my darkened bedroom at some nondescript hour of the morning of who knows what day or what country or who I was meant to be, when a slight move of my hand startled me with the touch of someone sneaking up upon me. I quickly grabbed the suspect hand by its wrist, then with my other hand tried to reach my cell phone to call for help, only to find that my predator had my other hand tightly held. I tried to call out, but found that my stupor and fear had combined to rob me of any voice, so only a little wheezing rasp escaped. So I tried to roll out of my predicament, whereupon I rolled onto where one of my hands was desperately holding onto the wrist of the other.

That’s about how sick I was.

And yes, during numerous stretches I did beg to just be released from any responsibility for continuing to hang around at all.

It’s behind me now. This weekend, I’ll catch up a bit on the events of the past week, then get back to my normal pace of bumping around here.

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2 May 2008 at 2:51 pm

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Mississippin’ Trippin’

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mississippin' trippin'

Huge thank you to Susan, who is taking the wheel again for our drive back to Houston from New Orleans. We were out of the hotel by around 9am, tried a quick stop down by the Cafe du Monde where I had hoped to pick up coffee and some breakfast fare, then out and headed west without much trouble (other than a stop at a very poorly placed McDonalds about half an hour up the road out of New Orleans).

Cloudy weather with some scattered blue but only a minute or two of any rain; and sneaking up on two hours of road, we’re already crossing back over to the dark side of the Mississippi.

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2 May 2008 at 10:41 am

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Passing Shot

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passing shot

Given the state of my health and stamina this past week, the schedule of meetings, and the drive we have ahead of us today, this is as close as I came to the Cafe this time around. Next time here, I’ll make an entire morning of it.

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2 May 2008 at 8:56 am

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