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Taste of Desire

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turtle soup

This will be our final night in New Orleans. So although my stomach still feels like it is walking a tightrope balcony to balcony over Bourbon Street, I would not forgive myself for leaving town without at least trying to keep some of the cooking here down long enough to make my blood hum.

But I’m still not feeling quite up to a lot of exploring, so we settle once again for the Royal Sonesta’s oyster bar, Desire, at the corner of Bourbon and Bienville. Turtle soup to begin my dinner, please, and this time I made it all the way through to the last succulent spoonful!!


Then although I knew I was not up to making it even halfway through this, I went for the taste of some jambalaya, this one with chicken, shrimp and sausage, quite heavily spiced. And I should have had them box up what I didn’t finish so I could have smelled up the car on the ride home the next day!

Desire might be just streetside bistro fare, probably midway at best on the scale of fine New Orleans dining. But I’d be back there once or twice a week if they were anywhere within range of my nose and taste buds.

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1 May 2008 at 7:35 pm

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