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Commuters’ Caravan

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commuters' caravan
Back when this week was just about waking up, I scheduled today as one when I’ll work from the house. Noodlenoggin that I am, I left the scrap of paper with my hotel reservation number for next week at my desk yesterday, when at the office I made the mistake of thinking that paper to be on my nightstand. So I’m heading into the office merely to retrieve that scrap of paper. (Then as will be noted via twitter, I’ll be heading right back out.)

That gray vehicle leading the ‘stang ahead of me is Susan in the Bitty Burb. She’s babysitting today. (And as I’ll be passing along via twitter, her baby is a cutie.)

And of course, that white ‘stang sandwiched between us is the only one of the three of us on a normal schedule this morning: that’s Nat heading off to classes (including a geology lab test).

Ironic post to be making right after my Earth Day memory.

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25 April 2008 at 7:56 am

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