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Briefly Unplugged

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I joined Susan and Nat for dinner at Papagayo’s tonight “unplugged.” None of my ubiquitous devices. No cell phone. No camera. No Zen Vision:M. Nothing but a pen and small notebook.

It was a small thing, I know, not to be made very much of beyond the hopeful origin of a more permanent habit.

Nat observed that it wouldn’t work as well until I could manage to turn my brain off as well. True, so true, that device is hardwired for nonstop overclocking, with or without peripheral devices attached. Must consider giving it some of the treatment they had to give HAL. Nat recommends doing something childlike, to step outside of the routine my head sets for me. What might she suggest? “Disneyland,” says she. That won’t work, I respond: I’ve been to Disneyland and had to be more adult than any other time, just to keep tabs on the kids. Having been one of those kids I worried over when we were there, she replies with a mildly uncharacteristic frown. But I’ve an idea to try out when we get back to the house, something I haven’t done for over 40 years:

bumper sticker [] - unplugged

Written by macheide

20 April 2008 at 8:01 pm

Posted in unplugged


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