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Much Better

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much betterA bit of improvement in my BP readings. Still not as far as we want to see, and my diastolic will need to stop popping into triple digits whenever it pleases. But this is a whole lot better than I’d been seeing for days.

Somersaults apparently do me good (especially on top of the extra doses of clonidine).

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20 April 2008 at 9:32 pm

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Briefly Unplugged

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I joined Susan and Nat for dinner at Papagayo’s tonight “unplugged.” None of my ubiquitous devices. No cell phone. No camera. No Zen Vision:M. Nothing but a pen and small notebook.

It was a small thing, I know, not to be made very much of beyond the hopeful origin of a more permanent habit.

Nat observed that it wouldn’t work as well until I could manage to turn my brain off as well. True, so true, that device is hardwired for nonstop overclocking, with or without peripheral devices attached. Must consider giving it some of the treatment they had to give HAL. Nat recommends doing something childlike, to step outside of the routine my head sets for me. What might she suggest? “Disneyland,” says she. That won’t work, I respond: I’ve been to Disneyland and had to be more adult than any other time, just to keep tabs on the kids. Having been one of those kids I worried over when we were there, she replies with a mildly uncharacteristic frown. But I’ve an idea to try out when we get back to the house, something I haven’t done for over 40 years:

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20 April 2008 at 8:01 pm

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Rather Be Blogging

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Do you think this week’s questions have been interesting (1) or boring (2) ?


Response: 1 …Until today’s, which is more boring than all the week’s intersting ones combined.

Better yet, I could be off doing something worth blogging about.
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20 April 2008 at 2:59 pm

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Joining the Applause for Verizon

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I enthusiastically join Susan‘s applause for Verizon Wireless, who surprised Susan yesterday by quickly replacing a defective telephone for her, their responsiveness coming so quickly that she had not prepared sufficiently by dumping out snapshots and other things she might have wanted to save.  No hassles, no excuses.  Just good customer service.  As we’ve come to expect throughout the years we’ve been with Verizon, even through several major problems (such as the old business account that they got mixed up about, charging it over to my home account).

As Susan points back to, this is completely the opposite of the atrocious pretense of service we got from AT&T Wireless, which finally came to a head when an AT&T executive informed me that as an AT&T customer, “You don’t pay to get good service.”  Astounded, I asked him to listen to himself over what he had just said and then see if he could repeat it, knowing that message it might give to his superiors and subordinates, to his customers and prospects, and to the personal and business arrangements that I myself had decision control over.  He promptly repeated what quite obviously was accepted policy at AT&T, both then and now even at the so-called “new” AT&T: “You don’t pay to get good service.”  To this day, when I encounter a friend or colleague or business contact cursing over their cell phone’s poor service, I can guess which wireless provider they’re using and almost always be right.

Verizon’s prompt policy for dealing with defective equipment also stands in sharp contrast with the we’re-too-arrogant-to-give-a-damn attitude that IBM takes toward standing behind its warranties on what its own service engineers openly shrugged off as a product that feel apart quite commonly, even predictably.

For every dozen of contacts and purchases and other transactions I’ve steered away from AT&T Wireless and IBM solely on account of their established policies perpetuating poor customer service, for every such dozen if I could help influence a single customer or transaction toward Verizon, it would make this recent moment Susan had with Verizon all the more pleasurable.  Companies like Verizon who respect and value their customers deserve to succeed in their business.

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20 April 2008 at 11:05 am

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Lappin’ a Frap

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lappin' a frap
Kitty prefers licking condensation off of one of Susan‘s Diet Coke cans, but he’ll settle for one of my Starbuck‘s fraps.

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20 April 2008 at 10:44 am

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