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Shula’s As Perfect As Ever

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After three hours of a quickly escalating war to get the government travel agency to give me my seat back on tomorrow’s flight, dinner with Susan at Shula’s was as much a reward and medicine for my bp as it was the luxurious treat we originally planned it to be. Frazzled as I was, however, I forget to bring my trusty digital camera along, and was just plain too damn tired to head upstairs to retrieve it from our room.

So our dinner will have to go remembered as the simple pleasure Shula’s has always been. My usual bowl of lobster bisque while Susan enjoyed their iceberg lettuce, filet mignon for each of us, with that fantastic creamed spinach and some caramelized onions on the side, along with a glass of white zin each.

And I’m pleased to see that Shula’s will finally be venturing into Houston this spring. I’ll have to find something to celebrate as soon as they open.

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9 April 2008 at 8:20 pm

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Walk-By Tourist

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walk-by tourist

This is about as close as I came to doing any tourist activity during my visit to the Capitol for the Enrolled Actuaries Meeting. And even this was somewhat accidental. I’d been out close to McPherson Square for lunch, then walked on over to our office just the other side of the White House, where I waited for no more than 5 minutes for the rest of our crew who then joined me for a walk back over to the other side of McPherson Square. Had I told David exactly where I was when I called after lunch, they would have met me there, and I would not have even had this brief glimpse of sight-seeing, such as it is.

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9 April 2008 at 1:41 pm

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