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wrist driven
I arrived to the Enrolled Actuaries Meeting this morning in a state of some tension. After having already being a speaker at several hundred sessions on dozens of different topics, some of those filling in for other speakers on topics on which I was less than expert, yes I do still get butterflies. So although I am an expert’s expert on pension nondiscrimination, it unsettled me that as of this morning I remained in the dark about whether or not I would even be speaking on that topic. And although I can hold my own on multiemployer topics, my last-minute agreement to fill in for another speaker left me similarly out of touch with the other two speakers on that topic. If need be, I could do anything on either of those two topics ranging anywhere between a minute all the way to the entire session (like, if one or more speakers were to fail to appear), but I still get nervous until I know what’s going to emerge.

So when I left our Virginia hotel this morning to take the Metro to the D.C. conference center, I was too scatter-brained to do a check on whether I had everything I might need, thus forgetting such items as my government ID, which would have been useful if I would have wanted or needed to stop by our office downtown.

And I forgot to bring a flash drive or a writable CD, which would have been useful for transferring any last-minute Powerpoint presentation from my laptop over to another speaker’s machine. But after I did actually put together a rather nice little presentation for the multiemployer session and was still nervously fretting over not having a flash drive, Susan quite graciously offered to head out into the hotel’s conference center to seek a flash drive. (Note to any good business hotel, which this was supposed to be: have flash drives or suitable alternatives available in your business center. Followup note to the EA Meeting Program Committee: flash drives would make a nice speaker’s gift.)

The hotel’s gift shop informed Susan that they didn’t carry such equipment. So she did something I never would have thought of doing: she enquired with the hotel’s concierge. Who told her he had one she could have, rummaged in his pocket, then reached under his desk and handed her a small clear plastic zip-lock container holding what he said was his last flash drive. At first she thought the same thing I thought when I saw what she brought me: this ain’t what I was expecting.

Nevertheless, there is it: I’m the proud owner of a complimentary Marriott “wrist” flash drive. Which I’ll no doubt find just as much trouble remembering next time I need to have one on hand. (Note to PC makers: like SD flash cards, it would be nice if laptops had built in flash cards that could be carried along continuously by absent-minded noodlenoggins like me.)

Special Note: As I will separately discuss, being pleased that Susan got me this special little souvenir should absolutely not be misinterpreted to indicate that I endorse Marriott, who has managed this week to lose a long-loyal customer.


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Written by macheide

7 April 2008 at 10:09 am

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