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Stand-In Speaker

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-in speaker
Several months ago, I was originally requested for speaking at one of the Enrolled Actuaries Meeting‘s sessions on pension nondiscrimination. But communications broke down somewhere along the line, so the non-government speakers were not informed of my willingness to speak until last night, making coordination rather difficult for them. On nondiscrimination, I can coordinate from my perspective (or my governmental agency’s perspective) on the fly, at a moment’s notice. But we handled that this morning by simply having me on hand in the audience in the event any questions arose that might deserve my comment, and everything went smoothly.

This session on multiemployer pension plans under the new law is a somewhat different matter. Although I am nowhere near as knowledgeable on this topic as I am on pension nondiscrimination, I can still hold my own as either practitioner or speaker. Even so, only last week was I asked to stand in for another speaker on this session; so I’ve had almost as little time to coordinate with the other speakers.

But wind me up and hand me the microphone, and I can still usually tell you something you’ll feel was worth your attendance. So watch for me to be back up here again next year . . . hopefully a bit better prepared.

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7 April 2008 at 2:27 pm

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Wrist Driven

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wrist driven
I arrived to the Enrolled Actuaries Meeting this morning in a state of some tension. After having already being a speaker at several hundred sessions on dozens of different topics, some of those filling in for other speakers on topics on which I was less than expert, yes I do still get butterflies. So although I am an expert’s expert on pension nondiscrimination, it unsettled me that as of this morning I remained in the dark about whether or not I would even be speaking on that topic. And although I can hold my own on multiemployer topics, my last-minute agreement to fill in for another speaker left me similarly out of touch with the other two speakers on that topic. If need be, I could do anything on either of those two topics ranging anywhere between a minute all the way to the entire session (like, if one or more speakers were to fail to appear), but I still get nervous until I know what’s going to emerge.

So when I left our Virginia hotel this morning to take the Metro to the D.C. conference center, I was too scatter-brained to do a check on whether I had everything I might need, thus forgetting such items as my government ID, which would have been useful if I would have wanted or needed to stop by our office downtown.

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7 April 2008 at 10:09 am

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