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Last Flights on American

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last flights on american
As it will turn out, this may very likely be my last flights on American Airlines: I’m on an American Eagle commuter jump from Houston up to Dallas, then I take American out to Reagan National in Washington, D.C.

Although she is accompanying me on this trip to the Enrolled Actuaries Meeting, Susan has opted to fly out on AirTran through Atlanta. Originally, we were scheduled to return Wednesday April 9 pretty much our reverse routes, Susan on AirTran back through Atlanta, me again on American back through Dallas.

But when a business meeting on Wednesday afternoon led us to reschedule our flights to Thursday April 10, I requested a switch to AirTran. Very much to my satisfaction: over the course of many a trip, I myself have never had a disagreeable AirTran experience, but conversely have never had travel on American without trouble.

And as it turned out, I did well to switch. Whether or not my own seat might have been one of the 300,000+ that American cancelled this week, I have no doubts based on past experience that they would have used their widespread disruptions as an excuse for their usual substandard service on any and all of their remaining flights. So unless I have absolutely no other alternative, this flight today may well have been my last on American.

[Followup Note – As I’m cleaning up this post on April 13, CNBC is broadcasting “Inside American Airlines,” a 2-hour program that more than ever is convincing me to fly as fast as possible from American, which spends so much energy calculating how much jet fuel they might save by scrapping a magazine or two from its seatbacks without realizing that weight might only be replaced by the magazines that any remaining customers might bring on as replacement reading, without calculating the loss to their business by losing the advertising in their own magazines, without seeming to care about the value of true customer service. They ought maybe consider joint ventures with Marriott, which seems to have the same attitude toward what used to be their customers, but what have apparently only become widgets to move from one profit center to the next, without quite figuring out why they then keep losing more and more business. Better yet, if American Airlines is really so hellbent on cutting every single pound of air weight they can without any thought to customer service, perhaps they should admit where they’re headed and just eliminate the passenger entirely. They’ll get there before very long, at the airspeed they’re flying at toward failure.]

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6 April 2008 at 11:15 am

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