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Wayne @ 22

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wayne @ 22

Why does the Royal Sonesta Hotel, where we are staying this week in New Orleans, have a 33-year-old portrait of my older brother hanging in its lobby?

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30 April 2008 at 11:50 am

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Desire’s Pork

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desire's pork
Pulled pork sandwich from the Royal Sonesta’s oyster bar, Desire.  I can vouch for the turtle soup here, although even that is probably average at best.  But I’ve had many a pulled pork sandwich that would rank above this one.  Ditto the potato salad: although Susan thought it ok, I found it not too many steps above just eating some unseasoned cooked potatoes.

Maybe it’s just still too early for me to be attempting to eat any serious solid food.

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29 April 2008 at 7:27 pm

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I Can Has Eatz

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i can has eatz
Spent most of this past weekend just wishing to be dead.

Ate nothing solid. Barely touched a little jello. Lost even that.

Woke this morning within an inch of trying to reach someone in D.C. so I might just cancel this week’s trip to New Orleans.

But Susan took over the driving for me. And after a quick stop at the dentist’s for a new crown (no gas needed), I started feeling somewhat more stable. Enough to take a stab at this McDonald’s cheeseburger halfway through Louisiana. And would even hold onto it until I would be stupid enough to cover it with a few spoons of turtle soup down on Bourbon Street later this evening.

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28 April 2008 at 12:44 pm

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Newly Crowned

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newly crowned

Best way to work on recuperating from a stomach virus? Stopping by my dentist to have a new crown before a 6-hour drive to New Orleans. Eh, but it didn’t go too badly, and now I’m just waiting for Susan to return from the ATM.

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28 April 2008 at 9:32 am

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Commuters’ Caravan

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commuters' caravan
Back when this week was just about waking up, I scheduled today as one when I’ll work from the house. Noodlenoggin that I am, I left the scrap of paper with my hotel reservation number for next week at my desk yesterday, when at the office I made the mistake of thinking that paper to be on my nightstand. So I’m heading into the office merely to retrieve that scrap of paper. (Then as will be noted via twitter, I’ll be heading right back out.)

That gray vehicle leading the ‘stang ahead of me is Susan in the Bitty Burb. She’s babysitting today. (And as I’ll be passing along via twitter, her baby is a cutie.)

And of course, that white ‘stang sandwiched between us is the only one of the three of us on a normal schedule this morning: that’s Nat heading off to classes (including a geology lab test).

Ironic post to be making right after my Earth Day memory.

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25 April 2008 at 7:56 am

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Earthy Recollections

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Thirty eight years ago today I was sitting in a park in Philadelphia listening to Allen Ginsberg playing his harmonium while reciting his and Blake’s poetry, uniting with 20 million others across the U.S. seeking environmental activism.

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22 April 2008 at 7:29 pm

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Put A Lid On It

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Personally, I wouldn’t put any money on the DJIA breaking 13k any time this year.

For one thing, I see at least another $100 billion leaving equities during 2008 from defined benefit pension plans; and I don’t see much of that finding any replacement demand to balance out the drag like it did last year. So every time buyers find enough good news to party it up a day or two, I believe we’ll only see the market suffer a quick hard hangover taking it right back down. Reminds me of how I’d be if I tried to get my jogging back too quickly these days: get me feeling some stray burst, and I might even sprint a hundred feet or so, but then I’d be out of breath and worrying folk about stroke risks. Ditto this market: if nothing else, pension fund managers’ current anti-equity strategies are going to keep stocks running out of steam every time they try to run off anywhere.

And while we’re looking at how the institutional investors might be affecting the markets, let’s wait for the 7th inning stretch on the credit crunch until the next round of CAFRs have been published by all the PERS bound to be hit hard enough to send out new shock waves.

Besides, what W calls a “slowdown” is what anyone else will be recognizing as a recession. I know, we’ve got to cut him a little slack: his ignorance here arises from being a politician aiming for a third term by proxy, rather than an economist aiming for fact or an ordinary person out of a job defaulting on a mortgage while struggling to pay higher prices at the pump and at the grocery checkout with a dollar that W policies have sent swirling down the drain. Still, those temporary pleasant surprises in first quarter earnings aren’t going to be sustained with sufficient breadth to keep things afloat anywhere near a 13k level.

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22 April 2008 at 12:47 pm

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