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what’s so funny

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so what’s so funny about heading out with my wife and a woman from south of th border, looking to conduct a major trade for controlled substances, as if we’d been sent on a mission? our primary contact isn’t taking it all so humorously. we wake from our embraces to find he’s just killed off two of his henchmen who were assigned to us, and heads off with intentions of doing away with all th rest of them. we briefly hide in a small closet while he storms past, but he would not have been gunning for us anyway, not just yet
everyone who was supposed to be there was there, even david. every song by every singer is being performed for us. bob is there, of course, taking th lead to organize the order of th songs and to send some of those already assembled to bring in other songwriters. th anticipated music stretches out past th horizons of our dreaming
i’m asked if my cell phone has a calculator on it, then asked to divide 5 by 4, to divide it again by 2, then to multiply that by the derivitive. i point out that a simple calculator does not do calculus formulas, but ask for the remaining factors, that i’ll use th calculator for what i need it for and do th rest in my head. patty is looking out th side and back windows, as if concerned of th height we are at, and it’s true that th trees have grown rather high and thick close to th house. our teacher asks me if it is proper to formulate predictions. i put th 5/8 factor into th calculator’s memory for later reference and respond that one should not predict per se, but rather prepare, that to fail to do so would be to ignore th reality of th future. patty focused on solving th equation, asking our teacher if his hand had any aces. at first i couldn’t see where she was going, since aces were valued at 1 apiece, then realized that removing them from th hand would simplify th equation to a relatively obvious point. but since there were no aces, th solution remained as yet indeterminate
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24 March 2008 at 4:04 am

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