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morbidentalOK, so maybe this explains why I’ve been so tired lately: I have some infection going on in the old chompers. And they thought at first that one of my remaining top front one teeth was loose, but an xray suggests instead that the crown might be broken. They tell me that might mean taking the whole thing out and redoing my partial to add another, which is coming close to an entire denture for the top. How about we just get th ß back to knock the rest out that she didn’t get the first time around? I’m rather tired of trying to hang onto what she left me.
I text gVent to schedule my next dental cleaning appointment 3 months hence. Since my main dentist is not in the office this week, I’ll need to wait until next week to consult with her about this loose/broken tooth. It could be worse: I could be attempting to do this text-scheduling on the predictably unreliable AT&T Wireless network, where as one of their managers felt completely free and pleased to repeat for the record, “You don’t pay to get good service.” Yes, sir, some services are worse than going the dentist.

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19 March 2008 at 4:43 pm

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