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And Throw Away the Key

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My most important list of passwords is in a file that of course is itself password protected. And although that file’s password follows a personal set of rules that are supposed to ensure I would never forget that one, even if knocked good and hard over my noodlenoggin head, it does use one of the more complicated variations of that personal set of rules. So just in case I were to ever forget that special variation, I’ve written down clues for myself, split those into several pieces, and hid them in places in my office where they’d not likely be found even if accidentally left to a new office occupant. But of course, then it takes me some detective work trying to think how I think I might have thought to remember where all those places were, then it takes me some trial-and-error to recall how I coded those pieces themselves. Then one additional lock of which I’ll not even give more than this veiled reference.

Noodlenoggin. One of these days, I’ll lock myself out permanently, watch me.

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Written by macheide

17 March 2008 at 11:44 am

Posted in noodlenoggin


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