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s&p pbo fr by gics 
10 Energy
15 Materials
20 Industrials
25 Consumer Discretionary
30 Consumer Staples
35 Health Care
40 Financials
45 Information Technology
50 Telecommunication Svcs
55 Utilities

For fiscal years ending in 2003 through the recently released 2007, this chart shows pension benefit obligation funded ratios for pension sponsors of the S&P 500 (yellow line), as contrasted with funded ratios segregated by the pension plan sponsors in each of the ten major S&P industry sectors, as characterized via the Global Industry Classification Standard. Telecommunication Services companies have the best funded pension plans, while Energy companies – carrying greater proportions of less well funded foreign plans – are bringing up the rear.

(And for anyone caring to make any sense out of the muddle in the middle, as always my charts and images click through to larger gallery versions.)

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Written by macheide

14 March 2008 at 12:46 pm

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