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Rocketing to 21 Straight!!

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tickets to rockets' 21st straight
Tonight the Houston Rockets became only the second team in NBA history to win 21 straight games, and we were there to see it! I’ve been to several Astros games since moving to Houston nearly a decade ago, but this is my first Rockets game. No better time to do so than when they’re making NBA history, even without the services of Yao, sidelined by a stress fracture in his left foot after the first 12 games of the streak.
toyota center
Huge thanks to Susan for navigating evening rush hour traffic to drive us downtown to the Toyota Center. Tonight the streak will boost the Rockets into a tie with the Lakers for first place in the NBA’s Western Conference, so the arena is sold out. We’re up in section 414 (the section of the Internal Revenue Code with definitions and special rules for pensions, such as the rule for service with a predecessor employer, a rule through which I very recently did a little streaking of my own). Seated almost directly across from us are Nat with Brandon, who is celebrating his 22nd birthday today.
streak in jeopardy
I’ll hazard a guess that whoever is my new twitter follower may have turned notifications off on me tonight, since I was spamming twitter with score updates throughout the game. After building a comfy lead of 14-7, the Rockets allowed the Bobcats to climb from 11 points to 29 while we remained stuck at 18. Not to worry. The Rockets blasted back from a 7-point first half deficit to grab a 9-point lead at one point during the quarter, took control of the game to start the final quarter, then pretty much coasted home.
Memento from a memorable basketball game: in honor of Clutch, born 9 years after Brandon, the Rockets’ mascot, the team was handing out free soap dispensers. I’m thinking of filling mine up with Kahlúa to set on my nightstand for spicing up my coffee.
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14 March 2008 at 11:00 pm

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Spring Break Guest

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Jen has flown down from Dallas to be home for spring break. She’ll be with her dad tonight while we head downtown to the Rockets’ game; then we should be hooking back up with her tomorrow.

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14 March 2008 at 4:59 pm

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s&p pbo fr by gics 
10 Energy
15 Materials
20 Industrials
25 Consumer Discretionary
30 Consumer Staples
35 Health Care
40 Financials
45 Information Technology
50 Telecommunication Svcs
55 Utilities

For fiscal years ending in 2003 through the recently released 2007, this chart shows pension benefit obligation funded ratios for pension sponsors of the S&P 500 (yellow line), as contrasted with funded ratios segregated by the pension plan sponsors in each of the ten major S&P industry sectors, as characterized via the Global Industry Classification Standard. Telecommunication Services companies have the best funded pension plans, while Energy companies – carrying greater proportions of less well funded foreign plans – are bringing up the rear.

(And for anyone caring to make any sense out of the muddle in the middle, as always my charts and images click through to larger gallery versions.)

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Classic Columns

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Excel can easily count which column a cell is in via the simple built-in formula –


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triple mission

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on a team to assassinate a rebel leader who was pretending to be on a charity mission while working mischief backstage, to take out a terrorist team coming in by speedboats, and to set up a sting operation to snag gene at his gun-running

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