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Halfway Accountability

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Get yourself in rehab over an addiction problem, and one of the most important life lessons you need to learn is accountability. Ours has been showing strong signs of learning, not just how to deal with being held accountable, but taking the initiative to be responsible to herself and to others.

Sorry to have to say, but apparently one meaning of this particular “halfway” house ours is in means that the accountability goes only halfway. With no apparent authority imposing any systematic accountability, the woman in charge of this particular institution shows absolutely no conscious sign of regard for others, not even those over whom she has charge. Nor can it even be said that at least she operates in the interest of those struggling toward sobriety under her care – too much of her process is simply too arbitrary.

That ours has come so far in this environment is more than ever credit to the half of the balance that does recognize her own accountability, not to the half so quick to push blame for every failure on others and so slow to do some of the most simple responsible acts.

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13 March 2008 at 8:32 pm

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One X At Most

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one x at mostNever have been all that much one for drinking, but it seems I have less and less any interest in it the older I get. Every now and then I’ll be in the mood for ordering up a beer with dinner, like the Dos Equis here to go along with crawfish bisques and chicken chimichangas. But anymore, I rarely get beyond one of the Xs – this pic is how my glass stood when we left the table.

Same with wine, even chardonnay. Same with whiskey or any other spirit. Even pretty much the same with Baileys, which you’ll catch me drinking only maybe three or four times a year, and never enough to do much damage.

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13 March 2008 at 8:26 pm

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Discounting McCain

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Intrade currently has futures contracts on McCain becoming the GOP‘s 2008 presidential candidate priced at $96.2. That’s discounting a contract that will pay $100 upon the nomination of McCain at the Republican National Convention, being held about 5-1/2 months hence.

Fairly priced?

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13 March 2008 at 5:56 pm

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