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Bisque Bliss

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bisque blissThey changed their menu since the last time we dined at PapaGayo’s, and at first I was grumping about them dropping their crawfish bisque, the main reason I like when we eat here. But here it is! – although their online menu still lists the bisque with their soups, their dining menu lists it among their seafood entrees.

I’d worked so late on my speadsheet before we made it out for dinner, that Papagayo’s had all their doors locked for closing before we were done, so we had to exit via a fire door. I wouldn’t have thought that compliant with safety code rules. Eh, as long as they don’t have a fire like the one that took out some of the businesses across the street, I probably don’t care enough, just don’t drop my bisque from the menu.

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11 March 2008 at 9:00 pm

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Excel Hero

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Call it actuarial arrogance if that it is, but I’ll go at far as claiming to being an “Excel hero.”

“Excel god,” as I’ve been tagged by more than one individual recently? No, and any good Excel hero does know the difference as easily as how it doesn’t take a classics major to know the difference between a Zeus and a Theseus. In Microsoft Office Excel mythology, my own belief is that a principal dividing line gets drawn between the gods who fluidly use VBA in even the simplest of spreadsheets versus the heroes who can take heavy-duty spreadsheets beyond the realms of reality without VBA. By that standard, at best I’m one of the lesser of heroes.

But for whatever it’s worth, this aftermath category will be used to document some of my Excel explorations and exploits, whether they be divine, heroic, extraordinary, merely mortal, or even downright damned.

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11 March 2008 at 5:57 pm

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‘Puter Search & Destroy

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Some poor wandering soul bumped into aftermath yesterday via a search for computer killer.

As I already confessed in the post they found from last month, I am a serial murderer of all equipment, computers being my favorite victim. Semi-retired from the glory days when I was asked to leave a super-high-tech trademark-specialist law firm’s conference room to have myself degaussed because none of their cutting edge equipment would work when I was present; but still as lethal as ever, and still squeezing every bit of blood out of every rock of silicon placed at my desk or on my lap or in my hand.

Whoever found aftermath via that search more than likely turned and ran as fast as anyone who comes here via any other pseudo-random search. But on the outside chance they or anyone else interested in computer waterboarding happens across this entry, may I take the opportunity to redirect your attention over to a Dell comment placed on Susan‘s obit for my victim? Since I managed to resurrect the even more ancient Toshiba I’d killed last November, I’m not spoiling myself enough yet to head back out shopping for a new victim; but if I were, that simple little gesture from Dell would in and of iself be enough to send them to the front of the line for consideration for my next purchase.

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11 March 2008 at 11:31 am

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Let’s Say I Did Because

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Nobody ever didn’t publish a book because they were an actuary.

Meg’s Diary
via Bootstrap Productions

Overlooking the double negative and the odd case, this quote got a special smile from somebody who did publish a book because “they were an actuary.”

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11 March 2008 at 9:40 am

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who would know?

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as th special appointee to assist our class president for this term, i was shown a stack of cue cards i would be expected to prepare. for my first, i was given a relatively easy one, to develop a transition from one song to th next. as th other cards were being restacked, i noticed one calling for development of a punch line to a proposed insertion of a joke into a presentation, and voluntarily took that one with me too. although they’d been hesitant at first as to whether i would be able to swing th assignment, this initiative to take over one of th aspects they found most difficult – targeted humor – renewed their confidence

for background, i stopped by th place where th class president kept his room, a small humbly kept alcove with only th sparsest necessities. his followers loitering there were at first uncertain about letting me borrow his copy of our group’s guidebook, since copies had become very rare and his was considered almost sacred, but they did allow me to flip through it while standing there. just touching th pages, i knew what i needed from it: th words lept out at me like th memorization of them had been deja vu of my own past. who but one who would have been there would know?

a group of renegades back in th main community was plotting a coup. their plans were known like th side plot of a script for just another normal cycle, although they themselves did not suspect that they were suspected, so did not know their plans were already incorporated into th cue cards i was to be given to work with

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11 March 2008 at 5:19 am

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