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Escape Artist

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Kitty decides that my fortune cookie was really meant for him, so takes the opportunity of a back door left ajar while his people were bringing in their groceries, sneaking himself a brief jail break into the back yard.

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9 March 2008 at 5:00 pm

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Zyrtec & Etc

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zyrtec & etc

My allergies have been kicking up lately, and our normal allergy meds have not helped very much. Somewhere among my collection of half-used prescription med containers is one of zyrtec, but I don’t even need to resurrect it, since now we can get that right off the shelf.

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9 March 2008 at 3:42 pm

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An Exciting Opportunity?

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dan dan noodles an exciting opportunity

Pei Wei is a bit more crowded than we would normally expect for the middle of a Sunday afternoon. I take to wondering if any of them are like I might sometimes get, turning their clocks back an hour this morning instead of ahead an hour, so they think they’re here early for lunch, only later today to accidentally discover that they would now have lost two hours instead of daylight saving’s singleton. Then as if I’ve cast that curse on myself, I’ll wind up spending the rest of this day feeling even further behind than even a 2-hour loss would have put me. Eh, so much for that exciting opportunity – it probably lay an hour or two the other side of standard time from where I’m loitering.

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9 March 2008 at 2:15 pm

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orthographically yours

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th ghost of orthogonality itself slipped away from me

elusive orthogonality, aftermath

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9 March 2008 at 8:33 am

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special speaking engagement

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of course i would fill in for them on th nondiscrimination session, i always could, anytime

a special session being contemplated for a new form of risk compensation under foreign law was a different matter. i would be happy to do that one, for the fun of being out on th edge, although i’d have to redouble my preparations. but they had a foreign expert in mind, so i retired to one of th side meeting rooms to retrieve a stash of several business satchels with files and books and other materials

a meeting attendee coming into th room for th next session picked up a pair of pants among th things i was packing and started to try to strip it of its zipper, which he wanted to use for his own things. annoyed, i interrupted my other packing up to put on th pant even while at first he continued his own attempt, pointedly bringing to his attention that this was mine

a meeting organizer came in to ask if it was too late to ask me to speak at that special session on th new foreign compensation issue. i asked about if i would be coordinating with th planned speaker and was told that he was being deported even as we spoke

my team had already signed out of our hotel rooms and there were none left for us to stay another night, so we were invited to room with others there for th meeting who did have rooms, me to be with john in one of th large luxury suites, all th others crowded together in a smaller room that already had several attendees. all except for a junior member of our team who seemed left out of th plans, so i went off looking for someone who could find a room for her too

once all was settled, i prepared to take a shower for th evening before i would retire to get enough sleep before my presentation. down th hall in dim light, one of th meeting organizers broke up a community shower being shared by four, who then stood nude out in th hall laughing. i squeezed into th tiny shower room i would use, a tight cubicle with barely enough room to enter, then quickly squeezed myself back out upon finding that this shower room had a rat and other critters in it

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9 March 2008 at 6:08 am

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