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Bumper to Bumper

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Aftermath is the Sticky Site of the Moment over at Internet Bumper Stickers®!! Slap a new bumper sticker over that grin on my face!

In case it isn’t rather blatantly obvious, I’m a huge fan of IBS®. I’ve relied on their brand of fun since I hacked a way to post some of their stickers over at opendiary way back when that journal-wannabe site was too backward to presumably permit images in journal posts, then went wild using over 130 bumper stickers in my tenure over at ADASTWjournal (aka livejournal). So naturally, IBS® was one of the first things I have brought into my posts here at WordPress.

Here, I am using the bumper stickers to denote different categories of my blogging, as well as to link to those categories and to listings of category posts. The stickers I’ve brought back into my journalling so far are listed on aftermath’s background check, along with a brief description of that particular journal category corresponding to each sticker. Here within the blog itself or on that background check page, clicking the bumper sticker will link over to a listing of the posts under that category. (The sole exception so far to that rule is the bumper sticker on this post, which in honor of Sticky Site of the Moment and in thanks to IBS®, in this one instance links to Internet Bumper Stickers®.) Each bumper sticker is then displayed again at the bottom of each category listing; in that instance, the bumper sticker links back over to aftermath’s “tab” corresponding to that category.

So for instance if you’re chancing to read a poetry post here at aftermath and then at the bottom of that poetry post click the “Write Hard Die Free” bumper sticker — the newest one added to my restarted collection here at WordPress — then you will be redirected to a listing of the poems I’ve posted so far. Clicking the bumper sticker at the bottom of that listing will then bring you back to a sorted version of aftermath, showing only the poems.

Thanks to IBS® for the sticky moment. And even more thanks for the years of fun you’ve already given me, and the years of more fun ahead!

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3 March 2008 at 6:53 pm

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Not My Day Job

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  From the humorously astronomical
to the amusingly economical,
        the punch lines I’m after
        will earn me no laughter—
Actuaries just aren’t all that comical.
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3 March 2008 at 5:22 pm

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Get Walkin’

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get walkin'Long overdue for getting my ass in gear and my (bare) feet back up on the treadmill!

I was recently recalling that the summer before I turned 18, I regularly bicycled some 25 miles each day. That on top of eating only when I felt like it, which quite frequently would not occur to me on any given day. No wonder I weighed less than 140 back then. I’m a tad over that now, sorry to have to admit (not that it wasn’t all that obvious). Let’s see if we can’t change that.

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3 March 2008 at 4:04 pm

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