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“This Is Major Tom To Ground Control”

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remote officeThis pic is left over from two mornings ago, but could just as easily have been taken any of the past three days, when I have saved myself the commute in favor of carrying my current heavy deskload along here at the house.

I almost wasn’t able to avoid the office today. Our government-issue computers are frequently updated through the network, and sometimes those updates require the local machines to be rebooted. With as busy as I tend to get and with as much as I prefer to keep open on my computer desktop session to session, I tend to put off rebooting until my computer is dancing up and down outside the locked bathroom door, about to wet itself, whereupon it eventually reboots itself. This time, it seemed to want to connect to the network after reboot to finish its update, but of course being out of the office I could not reconnect to the network until I signed on through the remote line, which the computer seemed hesitant to do because it had not completed its update. *rolls eyes* “Can you hear me, Major Tom? Can you hear me, Major Tom?”

So this morning I was up and ready to make the trek down the highway, but dressed and packed up ready to go, at the last instant decided to attempt the connection again. This time it went straight through. Fickle machine!

So I’m plugging away here already, saving myself another two hours off the day, still with a pile up over my head to shovel through (today including timesheet admin chores, which I always love pushing aside real work for . . . not!!), but once again moving right along. Off to some spreadsheet work, like recess time for this head. *big grin*

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Written by macheide

22 February 2008 at 8:05 am

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