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military rights

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a military unit had detained a group of innocent citizens without sufficient suspicion or justifiable threat, with merely a shrug from even th people, since they were presumed to have th right, in order to protect

but we did warn our companions that we ourselves risked being taken into custody as we approached a battalion that was assembling in th street ahead of us. just as we passed th battalion’s leader, he shouted out to his unit “parade right.” that ought to have had them all turn to face him and us, except many of them didn’t know their left from their right, and they’d all been facing different directions from th start anyway, so they all turned to different directions as we passed through their ranks

we proceeded without challenge up to th campus buildings. i remarked that th group of soldiers that ought to have been assigned to our protection remained back among th confused battalion, but my companion urged us to press on, certain that our guards would catch up with us eventually

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Written by macheide

21 February 2008 at 4:04 am

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