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lurking in th folds

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we came upon our hero just as he finally succeeded in cornering his nemesis above a configuration constructed of paper folded in a manner that was to be used to trap th villain. as he was turning to th side for final preparation, i noticed th doomed man rearranging and refolding some of th creases beneath him. i suspected he was preparing some way of escape so tried to warn our hero, but didn’t get th opportunity to do so before th imprisonment procedure was initiated, collapsing th folds down to trap th villain in a box

but th revisions that had been made by th villain were such that they wrapped him into th box in a way that merely converted his power and made him more lethal and sinister. too late, our hero realized th danger, as face appeared on th side of th box like a computer screen, snarling “i am . . . the machine”

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Written by macheide

19 February 2008 at 4:04 am

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