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No Guarantees

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No Guarantees

Smack dab in the middle of a night video I was making of a Texas gullywasher on our drive back from San Jac’s basketball win, my camera batteries went dead. Atrociously poor planning: I had not recharged nor switched them out since midway through last weekend’s visit with Jenny, before my Deion Sanders’ dog-biting post. We were only 10 minutes from the house and Susan quipped that I don’t need to have the camera watching each and every single minute of my day, but I pouted anyway. See?—I am spoiled after all.

Susan needed some soda, so we stopped by our corner gas station before heading onward. She asked me if I needed a frappuccino or anything else. Still pouting, I muttered that maybe they had batteries, despite now being within 2 minutes of the house, adding that you never know when there might be a traffic accident to record. Laughing, Susan asked, “If I can guarantee you there will be no accidents ahead, can you do without new batteries?” Still pouting, I didn’t respond, consoled only by the special new caffeine treats we found in the convenience store.

Yeah, but then look what I had to resort to my cell phone’s crappy camera for just outside our neighborhood! Oh, that’s right – On my old (very non-spoiled person’s) cell phone’s pics, it’s hard to make out details when it really matters, whereas I would have taken shots well enough to send to the local paper if I had only been allowed to get my camera a few extra good batteries back at the corner convenience store. But look right there ahead!—that’s a police car and a damaged vehicle getting hooked up to a tow truck, clearing up an accident. Hrumph, so much for a certain potential “guarantee”!

One should always listen to the actuary when he is advising preparations for contingencies.

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Written by macheide

16 February 2008 at 6:25 pm

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