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Our Dinner with Bill

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Waiting for BillBill doesn’t roll his eyes at the mention of one of my fave films, My Dinner With Andre!! We may not agree on all our politics, and he seems to just now be learning that Texas is not part of the U.S., but we’re not that far apart when it comes to good cinema!

Bill had business in Austin, but an inconvenient flight schedule back to Philadelphia combined with wanting to see us, so he came in through Houston and arranged to meet Susan and me for dinner tonight back at IAH after his drive back from Austin.

Bill made the reservation for 8 at CK’s Revolving Restaurant (which revolved in the wrong direction, by the way) atop Houston Airport Marriott at George Bush Intercontinental. We remained open through Friday afternoon in case he made it back earlier, but didn’t want to dine too far if at all from the airport Marriott, since his flight out tomorrow morning is before 7am, ahead of Saturday afternoon’s tornado warnings. We encountered light rain on the drive up, surprisingly cooperative downtown traffic lights, but incomprehensible HOV-to-IAH road design (more on that complaint later), so in the end made it to the restaurant about 10 minutes early, where here we sit waiting while Bill returns his rental car.

Bill and I shared a bottle of white wine – sorry, I neglected to note what he ordered for us, but as always it was good – Susan deciding to decline sharing more than a sip. Great menu – I would absolutely recommend this for any airport meetings, and it’s worth a visit even if you’re not meeting a traveler or traveling yourself. Susan had the wedge salad and the roasted chicken. Bill had the roasted chicken, then the mixed berries from their dessert menu. I can never resist a good lobster bisque, and CK’s was very good. I then had the day’s special – sole with crab meat and shrimp – and of course added their creamed spinach, another menu item I can seldom resist. I finished off with a coffee with Bailey’s. Bill and I debated briefly over the tab, then split it down the middle. And I completely forgot to take a snapshot of the food!

Dinner conversation was maybe not as memorable as if Andre Gregory had kept us to closing time, but was fine for us, even with our mutual admission that all politicians lie and that there are no good choices for this coming November’s election and that Roger Clemens was probably lying too and so on, leaving the whole world in the sorry state where its only remaining heroes are the actuaries . . . who may at times encounter what others might call “actuarial error,” but never lie.

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15 February 2008 at 7:57 pm

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