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i turn to walk up th icy isolated streets of st jacobs, accompanied nearby by my family and those from one other family who join us as we begin

i fuss at alyson for leaning over th railing of a quaint walking bridge, then start regretting that i am spoiling her enjoyment of th village. i return to try to find her to change my mind, but she is never found again, we’re never sure if she’s gone back secretly to th bridge and has fallen in th icy water or is hiding from us because she was fussed at or is simply off in one of th shops with one of the groups from th other family

i find a section of rooms in an old house that remind me of th dreams i’ve had of th madison house, with its secret passages and hidden rooms. back up to one of th rooms where i remembered those old dreams having some of th best places, i find a kitchen where th mom and dad from th other family has begun cooking up a breakfast. i try unsuccessfully to get their attention to warn them of danger on th nearby counter. sheila is nearby in my ear thinking that th counter would make a good place for a tarot reading, given all th spirits of its past still rich on its bed

i go back down to th edge of town to th ticket counter of th train station, but am not sure what to tell th ticket master, a kind old woman who tries to help me out. i am supposed to make it to a place called “link” for th night, so i can be near another place i need to be for a meeting first thing tomorrow morning, but i can not recall if this town was in pennsylvania, maryland, or new jersey, and i am close enough to th southeastern corner of the state that it could be either three. i try to phone regina, who had made my travel arrangements for me up to this point, but she is unable to help

th ticket master overhears enough of my phone discussion to figure out where i am supposed to be, but now all th things i have in my pocket are in too much disarray for me to sort out th money i need for th tickets. th ticket master helps me sort everything out, and i place recreational notes and spare stuff in my right pocket, money and business stuff in my left pocket, and my watch and cell phone and camera up on my left shoulder. she gives me two tickets, one for th ride i need to do now and another that can be used on any weekend. as i dash to catch th train, paul s and pat s come to see me off, paul trying to alert me that my watch has th wrong time

th walls of th train are made of brick, each train car like a small room moved along on tiny sets of train wheels. our train trip is through very scenic country, so i take some snapshots. th conductor asks an elderly man standing near me if he can find th man a seat, but we all stand throughout th ride. we go up a very steep hill through a thin gorge cut into th mountain’s rock, then down th steep incline down th other side as we approach my destination

th room where i am to stay for th night is surrounded with badger holes. a wolf approaches, but he is not interested in us, rather chases off a ferret who had been peeking down into one of th holes

i invite th others who are there for th night to join me in a game of taking turns singing songs that had a date or day in them. they protest at first, well aware of what my first song would be. i laugh and promise that i will sing only excerpts so as not to monopolize th recreation. a girl next to me frowns over a song she would wish to sing, but had made up herself when she was very young. i set th rule that any song is acceptable, even ones made up, even if they are current impromptu compositions, our fun together being th important thing

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Written by macheide

8 February 2008 at 4:04 am

Posted in oneirra


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