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Meat & Potatoes

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Meat & PotatoesI peeled and diced the potatoes, which Susan then cooked and mashed, together with making us meat loaf and broccoli. And since I wasn’t expected to eat any of the broccoli, some V8 juice.

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4 February 2008 at 7:12 pm

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is anyone safe from subprime?

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that’s the question being discussed at this particular moment on cnbc

although they’re looking rather broadly, even at companies one might not think exposed to the mortgage mess, i’ll be watching for the news to break a bit closer to home, on a pensions beachhead that has not yet seen much if any attention on this issue: the mortgage loan exposure of public employee retirement systems

state employee pension funds in particular have generally invested more heavily in mortgages than have the typical private pension funds. and since many of those public pension funds have mid-year fiscal reporting periods, the financial statements that will show the full extent of the damage from the mortgage fallout will not appear until later this year, around or after labor day 2008. at best current information is ad hoc or estimated based on projections from past financial statements

but the hit is going to be tremendous. for the public pension fund industry overall, we’ll witness a tsunami that will knock down state credit ratings, affect public pension funds’ investment strategies in many other areas (including the equity markets), and reach much farther than the mortgage crisis has already reached

and much of this will be hitting the press just before the 2008 general election

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4 February 2008 at 10:44 am

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old haunts

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th final general session of our conference was being called, to be held in a conference hall back in th direction of th studio at arcola. i first went looking back through th rooms on th river side of th house hunting for bernie or any of th family, but th rooms were empty other than some stragglers late for th meeting. as i headed back out to stop by th meeting for just a few moments, i passed silvio, who was in charge of th conference, getting set to meet with some mysterious businessmen – apparently th conference was only a cover for a secret meeting that would arrange a major transaction, perhaps a sale of th company

i walked back to where my home during high school had been. just past th highway intersection, about a dozen fire trucks were parked in th road waiting to be called to action, their lights already going, but they were all snagged in thick overgrowth, and had not been used for quite some time. th houses on th highway side of th field were all in ruins, several looking like they had been burned down. i pointed out that ahead and to th right had been where th petrauskus house had been, when i realized that one of th two walking up th road with me was mike petrauskus, heading back home, which had actually been rebuilt several lots down from where they used to be. th house where i’d lived was now a very luxurious a-frame with much glass and a very rich design inside and out. i went around to th main door, which was around back, to ring th doorbell for th new occupants, who had promised to put me up during my stay in th area. th woman there had expected me to come to th back door, th one closest to th street. i was getting anxious for her to hurry to th door, because i needed to use their bathroom

later i went out to a field to meet bernie, who landed in th field in a new small airplane he was flying

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4 February 2008 at 4:04 am

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