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San Jac Sends It To Overtime

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After losing a 22-11 lead in the first half, then losing a 55-44 lead rebuilt in the second half, San Jac struggled valiantly against certain defeat during the final minute of regulation play against Trinity Valley. Upon finally pulling within 1 point with about 6 seconds left to play, San Jac quickly sent the Cardinals to the foul line, where at the beginning of this video clip Trinity Valley opened up a 3-point lead on the second of its two free throws, 76-79.

Nat, San Jac’s head cheerleader at the far right edge of the end of this video clip, shows her excitement over what happens next – the Ravens send the game into overtime.

Where, sad to say, San Jac then returned to the same failed strategy that saw them lose their two regulation-time leads, too quickly going for poor 3-point attempts instead of working for better openings. San Jac lost in overtime 83-85.

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Written by macheide

2 February 2008 at 5:49 pm

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