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Not Even Worth Background Noise

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Eh, serves me right for having Tom Cruise serve as background television in the first place. But then ABC decides to ditch the movie for some idiotically endlessly long intermission thing – what was that piece of junk, an ABC self-serving commercial? – for some stupid show of theirs I never cared to have filling my ears anyway. As good an illustration as you could put together for why I never bother to watch ABC except when I go braindead like I did here – you’re either already numb enough to have already been watching their junk so didn’t need this stupid commercial of theirs reminding you how badly you’d already wasted your time with them, or else you had been doing your best to steer clear of that kind of junk food so didn’t care to have it shoved down your throat in lieu of Tom Cruise’s own brand of farce. Whatever. I didn’t care to see the rest of War of the Worlds anyway. But at least ABC had my attention long enough to remind me why I won’t tune into them again for maybe a year or so, longer if I’m lucky.

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Written by macheide

2 February 2008 at 9:48 pm

Posted in television


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