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If You Find A Sick Dog . . .

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likelihood of a sick dogIf Lady calls in sick this morning, blame me. Noodlenoggin that I am, overnight I left the large bowl of leftover holiday chocolate kisses down by the left hand side of my favorite living room chair. I should have thought to snap a pic before I picked up the bowl this morning with what she left untouched (no doubt already sick to her stomach), returning the bowl hurriedly to the kitchen counter in seriously sad close-the-barn-door-after style. My red sweater and a computer cord had covered the bowl, but she had nosed that aside just enough to burrow a depression into the candy supply that bore a distinct enough impression to quite adequately inform us who our little culprit was. But don’t fault her. Fault the house noodlenoggin.

bumper sticker [] - noodlenoggin

Written by macheide

15 January 2008 at 5:31 am

Posted in noodlenoggin


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