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Good Chicken Casserole

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Dinner Is ServedDinner Is Served 8:19pm – Silly me, I thought this was just a pile of beans and corn brewed up by Susan into a casserole from a new recipe. Even when I was snapping this shot, I didn’t notice what lay beneath.
Peekaboo ChickenPeekaboo Chicken 8:20pm – Aha! There’s some tasty poultry under that pile!!
Oops!!Oops! 8:21pm – Attempting to cut my chicken, my utensils slipped and I nearly lost half of the beans to the dogs. But only one of these beans went over the edge. And as much as the beans look like a piece of a chocolate kiss, even Lady did not jump right on the escapee.
All Ready To EatAll Ready To Eat 8:25pm – My mess cleaned up and my chicken all shredded, I’m finally ready to enjoy.
Someone Didn't Get the MemoSomeone Didn’t Get the Memo 8:30pm – Susan’s got the wrong shirt on.
A Mouth for the BroccoliA Mouth for the Broccoli 8:35pm – Yes, I actually liked it for a month there, back before the holidays. I think all the Christmas chocolate cured me.
Just DessertsJust Desserts 8:36pm – One cookie for the road, and that’s it for dinner tonight!
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Written by macheide

15 January 2008 at 9:12 pm

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