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Zen Tracks [9] Leonard Cohen: Tennessee Waltz [Live]

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Zen Vision MTennessee WaltzLeonard CohenDear Heather
[4:05] * * * *

Does an ol’ Tennessee boy’s head good to hear Leonard’s deep golden voice covering this old standard with his sweet venom. Couldn’t kick off the Leonard segment of my Zen listening with much better, seein’s how I can’t very well start his set with what I’d drag him back out on the stage for his encores.

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15 January 2008 at 10:52 pm

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Good Chicken Casserole

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Dinner Is ServedDinner Is Served 8:19pm – Silly me, I thought this was just a pile of beans and corn brewed up by Susan into a casserole from a new recipe. Even when I was snapping this shot, I didn’t notice what lay beneath.
Peekaboo ChickenPeekaboo Chicken 8:20pm – Aha! There’s some tasty poultry under that pile!!
Oops!!Oops! 8:21pm – Attempting to cut my chicken, my utensils slipped and I nearly lost half of the beans to the dogs. But only one of these beans went over the edge. And as much as the beans look like a piece of a chocolate kiss, even Lady did not jump right on the escapee.
All Ready To EatAll Ready To Eat 8:25pm – My mess cleaned up and my chicken all shredded, I’m finally ready to enjoy.
Someone Didn't Get the MemoSomeone Didn’t Get the Memo 8:30pm – Susan’s got the wrong shirt on.
A Mouth for the BroccoliA Mouth for the Broccoli 8:35pm – Yes, I actually liked it for a month there, back before the holidays. I think all the Christmas chocolate cured me.
Just DessertsJust Desserts 8:36pm – One cookie for the road, and that’s it for dinner tonight!
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15 January 2008 at 9:12 pm

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Pit Stop

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15 January 2008 at 5:39 am

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If You Find A Sick Dog . . .

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likelihood of a sick dogIf Lady calls in sick this morning, blame me. Noodlenoggin that I am, overnight I left the large bowl of leftover holiday chocolate kisses down by the left hand side of my favorite living room chair. I should have thought to snap a pic before I picked up the bowl this morning with what she left untouched (no doubt already sick to her stomach), returning the bowl hurriedly to the kitchen counter in seriously sad close-the-barn-door-after style. My red sweater and a computer cord had covered the bowl, but she had nosed that aside just enough to burrow a depression into the candy supply that bore a distinct enough impression to quite adequately inform us who our little culprit was. But don’t fault her. Fault the house noodlenoggin.

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15 January 2008 at 5:31 am

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