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Must Be a Blue Moon

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Or else as was commented in a DyingJournal community, the local police are on a “rampage” to boost their coffers for the new year. (*rolls eyes*) Whatever, seeing two drivers pulled over in a single day of commute (see this morning’s post) makes for a good day on the road. Here on Scarsdale, drivers are regularly close to double the speed limit, despite there being a police station right up at the end of this stretch. And sad to say, this one random little action here won’t stop it, because locals who travel this stretch every day know that the traffic laws around here are almost never enforced. I would be willing to be the fine on this driver’s own traffic ticket that by next week this time this same driver will once again be ignoring the traffic laws down this very stretch of road, and be able to do so with absolute impunity because he’ll just be going with the flow.

Other mild differences in this outbound commute: Two motorcycle police drove up 59 with their lights all going everywhere, then stopped just up past the fork near downtown to investigate something, it seems; and the traffic light at Beamer and Hall was not working.

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Written by macheide

11 January 2008 at 3:27 pm

Posted in abelian


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