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applause for the policeman who pulled over a driver weaving dangerously at excessive speed through morning rush hour traffic on 610 west just south of 59

pity that this is the first time i’ve seen enforcement in th almost six months i’ve been commuting more regularly, although it’s not uncommon during a single inbound or outbound commute to see as many as a dozen drivers much worse than this driver was. pity also that even this one who was pulled over likely won’t get the point until it’s too late to spare someone else’s life, property, and time

even so, it was nice to see, and at least for a breath or two the road ahead of this driver was noticeably safer than it had been when he was careening into our rear view mirror

//] - abelian

Written by macheide

11 January 2008 at 5:44 am

Posted in abelian


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