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i went to a counter at th department store to return sheets, because th store’s special detector at th doors had failed to buzz th way they were supposed to when th sheets were not suitable for my own bed, as they turned out not to be. i started to suspect that th store intentionally sold unsuitable sheets that made it home, then pretended to be so gracious in handling return and exchange, because th store clerk was so adept at getting me to purchase piles of additional merchandise to go with th new sheets he readily supplied, to th point where i had all th rest of my current paycheck spent

i was with some of th overflow audience outside th classroom, where silvio was honoring mark, who was simply sitting there imitating me, whom he could see although silvio could not. both mark and i were dressed in saturday clothes. silvio eventually came out and pressured me to decide which groups i would sign up for. i tried to start by signing up for DB plans and plan terminations, but someone pointed out that we didn’t work on plan terminations out of basic principle

i constructed th most comprehensive task list i had ever made, and it worked well in guiding my steps. all flowed from one question that i would continually come back to: where am i now?

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Written by macheide

7 January 2008 at 4:04 am

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