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th school where i was an exchange student started facing hoax calls of bomb threats and biological disasters of increasing severity. after th last one of th day, everyone returned to their classes to retrieve their books and belongings and started steaming out of th school, i had to go against th flow to return to th class i’d been in. as i reached th room, th teacher was locking th glass doors, but i was able to go around th corner and come in th regular door and go to th desk where i’d been to retrieve th one book i used for writing in

then i was getting ready to go out again. it was dark and i thought everyone was asleep, so moved very quietly. out in th garage, i quietly closed th garage door manually. but as i walked out across th yard, you came to th front door and called out to me not to forget my shoes. i looked down and realized i was standing barefoot in th snow

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6 January 2008 at 8:08 am

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