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alligators in th street

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you & i were bicycling up greenwood avenue heading home. an aggressive driver also pedaling passed us, but then paused just up ahead beside another bicyclist whom he knew. both seemed wary of snakes that were in th street. we pedaled past them, staying near th center of th street, as more and more snakes appeared in th street near th gutters. as we started up th hill, th snakes grew larger, then became alligators, increasingly larger and aggressive, some in th center of th street. we pushed on past th last of them and pulled up to park on th right side of th street across from our house, just behind a family returning from vacation. i spoke with the man some about a problem i’d been having hooking up a game system screen to my computer; i was getting a video signal, so i knew it was connecting ok, but couldn’t get th system itself to work. you had gone in our house and came back out with something from th kitchen that th woman had wanted to know if we had any to spare, since they hadn’t yet shopped for groceries after their trip. while they were exchanging neighbors’ chat, i went into our house. we ourselves had not been there for months, and the cats had left messes all over the front rooms. i leaned down to pet our newest one, an orange tabby who liked biting playfully

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Written by macheide

4 January 2008 at 4:04 am

Posted in oneirra


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