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Dawson: Practical Lessons in Actuarial Science

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Practical Lessons in Actuarial Science: An Elementary Text-Book, second edition, revised. Dawson, Miles Meander. The Spectator Company: New York. © 1898, 1905.

What better book to open this [category of this] journal with, than one of my prize volumes, a very old actuarial textbook!

The copy that I have was rescued from the fire! My first post-college employer, Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company, needed more file space in their basement and advised their actuarial students of plans to trash a small forgotten library housed in a dark corner of the cellar shelves. If I had not been living in so small an apartment with someone who already heavily criticized what she saw as packrat habits, I would have preserved the entire collection. Alas, I took only a few boxes away, then am ashamed to admit that I eventually relieved myself of all but this sole survivor during my 1999 move to Texas.

And I have not been the kindest owner of even this old tome, I must admit. Wanting to show it to a colleague sometime since 9/11, I took it on an airplane trip, making the sad mistake of packing it with my checked luggage without enclosing it in special packaging; and airport security was not suitably respectful of its age. So its backbinding has been lost, mine the fault.

For all the pleasure I’ve taken in owning this old sourcebook, I’ve never actually read it. I’ll launch 2008 as a year of renewed book reading by actually delving into this beautiful old soul. Somewhere off in the mists past the edges of an old mortality table, Mr. Dawson must surely be smiling about as much as any actuary could be known to smile.

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1 January 2008 at 2:25 pm

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Zen Vision M – Tracks: [2] A Perfect Circle: Lullaby

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Zen Vision MLullaby – A Perfect Circle: Thirteenth Step
[2:03] * * * *

Best thing to have cycling around on “Repeat Track” on a slow vacation day when I already woke up 5 hours later than on a normal Tuesday and feel so very much like floating back to wherever I came from.

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1 January 2008 at 11:21 am

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