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ADIML – Christmas Day 2007

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Cable Fried – The master bedroom cable box has finally gone completely belly up. The past few days it has been showing this screen more and more, then holding onto it longer and longer. Tonight it seems to want to stay this way. I get no sleep tonight, lying awake listening to Christmas music on the radio and dreaming of snowy streets and parks. [12/25/2007 3:03am] Cable Fried
Quitting Sleep Attempts – On an ordinary Tuesday, I would be hitting the snooze alarm for the 4th or 5th time right about now, clinging to a dream just a minute or two more before crawling to waking. This morning, it would just hurt if I were to finally fall asleep this late, since everything else would be starting up just as I got anywhere deep. [12/25/2007 4:24am] Quitting Sleeping Attempts
Slow Start Slow Start – I heat up the last cup of coffee left over from Christmas Eve, then just sit staring at the fire for a while before revving up the laptop for early morning surfing. (Notice where my chair is relative to the carpeting. More on this later.) [12/25/2007 4:30am]

Christmas Eve Pix – After browsing the news, some livejournals, and a few odds & ends, I focus on getting some of the pix from Christmas Eve loaded up into my LJ pix galleries. One minute from now, Susan’s alarm clock will bring her into Christmas Day. [12/25/2007 5:29am] Christmas Eve Pix

Written by macheide

25 December 2007 at 4:48 pm

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