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another business trip scheduled

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another group meeting was scheduled for us in manhattan, over th weekend. eventually i would figure out that i would need to catch an evening train up later this same friday evening, then return late sunday night, in order to be in th office monday, although we were to have tuesday off for th christmas holiday

i was winding up a meeting up in pottstown, where i was telling a friend i’d already been on two business trips, one to washington and another to boston

a taxi driver had brought someone else to pottstown, and it occurred to me he might have a train schedule i could use. when he went out to his car to check, other irs employees came up to me showing me little bookmarks that had been printed for us, with the train schedule from philly to new york on one side and a map from penn station in manhattan to th irs office. th more i looked at it, th new york map grew more complicated and had a longer walk. then when i turned th bookmark over, th other side also had a map instead of th train schedule. i pretended to complain that th friend who’d given me her extra bookmark had ruined it for me, but we were all laughing about it

but i needed to get to th philly train station tonight to make it on time, so i asked th taxi if he took credit cards. he didn’t usually do so, then confirmed that he could not do so after he checked with his manager, who i eventually found out was his mother, who ran th taxi service as a family business. i asked how much it would take to drive me from pottstown down to my house in limerick so i could pack a few things for th trip, then drive me on down to philly, since it was getting too late to walk as much as i’d been doing earlier, nor were any of th alternative ways of getting around on schedule at this hour. i worried that if i got cash and were limited to $300, that might not be enough for th taxi all th way to philly, but th driver estimated it would be $40 to my house and not much more than that from there to th train station, so even with th brief wait while i packed and a tip, i ought to have enough if i could get cash at an atm machine. so i went with him

we couldn’t find a bank nearby, so we stopped at a convenience store that we knew would have an atm machine. while we waited in a crowded line of customers there, it occurred to me that i had not yet taken th steps necessary to authorize cash advances on my government credit card, so would not yet be able to use th atm machine anyway. now i was concerned because i’d taken th taxi this short distance to th convenience store, and i didn’t have so much as a dime of cash in my pocket to pay even for that short trip

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Written by macheide

24 December 2007 at 7:44 am

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