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An Idiot Shipper

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Flashing lights on the Gulf Freeway’s northbound access road at Southgate, surrounding a tractor trailer that sits blocked: it carries a load that has stacked two containers one on top of the other, versus pulling two containers one behind the other.

I’ve rarely seen such idiocy before.

Is this even legal? One would think the center of gravity would be so high, that making any degree of turn at any speed above maybe 2 mph would tip the whole cargo over.
Here, the truck is at least a foot, maybe more, higher than the clearance, although we’re talking of clearance under one of the Beltway 8 ramps to the Gulf Freeway, way higher than typical overpass headroom. This truck obviously should try to go only on wide open road if it cares to haul in this manner.

I can’t imagine what insanity the loading dock of origin had in mind. Is this supposed to have saved money, maybe cut down on the time and expense of making two trips? Did nobody even bother to pull out a measuring tape and question what was going to happen at the first encounter with any typical overpass?

I almost took the time to swing back around to get a pic. And still regret not doing so, since that was a unique sight I have no doubt I’ll never see again. Might I luck out and see it again later this week in our local newspaper?

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17 December 2007 at 5:20 pm

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Ice on the Blue Bug

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Had to sit patiently in the Blue Bug this morning while the auto heater warmed us up enough for ice on all the windows to melt away.

That’s still a dozen or more quantum levels below what the Great Lakes regions and New England are seeing today. This is about as close as we expect to draw toward a “white” Christmas – a teensy layer of ice on the windshields in the earliest morning hours.

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17 December 2007 at 6:28 am

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