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last day of camp

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out last day at camp stretched out, kept seeming like we were supposed to be on our way back home, then there would always be just one more activity

in one session where we were being taught poetry and other journalism, across th room was patty, she was watching me, i was shocked that after all these years i still did not carry a core notebook with me 24/7 as i had always intended to do

i had a chess game scheduled, but couldn’t make it up the final stretch climbing the rope to th special ceiling room reserved for our activity, they brought a ladder platform for me but then we still didn’t go to th chess game room

leaving we went on a bridge over th whitewater, i was surprised that i had been th first to go down th rapids back when it had been at its roughest and had done well but now was not quite so intrepid although th rough water was barely a ripple

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Written by macheide

24 November 2007 at 8:39 am

Posted in oneirra


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