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The manager — not just a cashier, but the store manager — at Old Navy’s Baybrook Boulevard store south of Houston is turning customers away from the cash register refusing to do any business as early as 10 minutes before the store’s posted closing time, openly and rather rudely claiming she had already done so to several customers even before that, meaning she figures she doesn’t need to run Old Navy past 15-30 minutes before closing time. It would be interesting to know what Old Navy thinks it pays its managers to do, but since she was so open about doing so, I’m guessing that she already knows the company really doesn’t care or maybe has even trained her to get rid of customers for them.

OK. So not only is she doing this regularly enough that she is losing them half a dozen or more customers per day, but that like me and my family and close friends who have already been told about this, as well as very like many of the other potential customers she has similarly abused, Old Navy has lost many a customer for life. Permanently, that is. Was that worth the inconvenience your customers were causing you by shopping during your posted hours, Old Navy? There are other stores that sell the same or better product than Old Navy does, with managers in charge who have been trained to know what a customer is and who are held accountable for it.

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Written by macheide

3 January 2007 at 7:57 pm

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