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forget the bus

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as recently as 2 years ago, it was impossible to find a parking space at the fuqua bus lot for the 247 if you had morning business that got you there much past 8:30am. since then there has been massive development of new homes in the area that should have pushed that filled-up time up to 7:30 or earlier

not! instead, one can now choose from 50 or more open spaces at any time of the day, any season of the year

metro itself is to blame. the 247 is notoriously unreliable, and metro shows absolutely no sign of caring. days like tuesday a week and a half ago, several 247s out of town simply didn’t show during mid-afternoon, so that the one that did eventually show had standing room only. meanwhile during that hour when riders were standing outside in 100+ heat missing their afternoon appointments, several almost completely empty busses passed by on their way down to bay area blvd: it doesn’t seem to occur to metro that it would take all of 2-3 extra minutes to stop by the fuqua stop on the way through — so pay the damned driver a few extra bucks if union idiocy would get in the way: heck, you’re certainly not paying for the 247 that missed its route, whereas you keep losing more and more long-term riders every time you screw up like this.

so after too many of these 247 slip-ups, i’ve finally joined the exodus. it would be nice to have that busride time for reading and computer work, but i’m finding that far too regularly that time is being out-weighed by wasted time spent standing out on the street while metro ignores basic customer service.

and i won’t be alone. even with the population growth down here, let’s see how much longer it takes before they can’t even keep the parking lot halfway filled, and much of that already with commuters who share rides in on the hov lane instead of paying for unreliable service with the bus.

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14 August 2004 at 8:37 am

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