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we’ll start th tracking on that reading

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systolic 148
diastolic 120

at least, that’s how s.allison’s training partner read it, twice. they wouldn’t let me leave until we had put in a phone call to my family physician, looking for someting for the pharmacy to fill immediately, as if everyone sits around on the eve of th 4th waiting for idiots like me to get caught

i didn’t really believe th reading then, and i still don’t (posting this 3-4 days later). the trainee was taking it th old-fashioned way, and i’m not sure she herself was all that convinced. and i certainly felt none of th things one ought to have been feeling if the diastolic had really been up there

even so, we’ll start watching this a lot more closely now. i’m taking it a bit more seriously than i might be showing. doing all th meds, and all th rest

i don’t need to be messing around with high bp, even if it’s not anywhere near where they were thinking it was

//] - specimen

Written by macheide

3 July 2002 at 8:24 pm

Posted in specimen


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