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susan went to pick up what she thought to be a leaf on th floor, and discovered it to be rip

just yesterday morning when susan said he was enjoying his new water and i looked over to see him nearer th surface than i’d ever seen him, i’d remarked that he’d best be careful not to swim so high when th cats were on th prowl. but they’ve coexisted so long together, you don’t really think there’s that risk. and susan said nothing was disturbed on th mantle

could he have jumped out? i told susan that when he saw th pool filling up yesterday evening, maybe he figured we’d built that for him

but despite what i warned yesterday, i don’t credit myself as having predicted his demise. one of rip’s most endearing qualities was having outlived dozens such prognostications

rest in peace, our dear old rip

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Written by macheide

19 April 2002 at 7:55 am

Posted in monarda


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