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I’ll say this once, repeat myself no more:
“I said I would return, and then I said,
`Hey wait, I’ve never been this way before.'”

I’m new here. Tell me, what’s the echo for?
Some vain belief one’s poetry gets read?
So read it once, repeat yourself no more.

Condemned to chance the maze forevermore,
The bat does mischief to the path charted.
But me, I’ve never been in here before.

Come again? You wish some old encore?
Don’t give me grief. I’ll make this up instead.
Let’s play it once, repeat ourselves no more.

The old, they fear to see a sign. So poor
Fools they, too brief the flash of lives they led,
As though they’ve never been like this before.

My first villanelle! Who could ask for more?
What strange relief to get it through my head!
I’ll try anything once, repeat myself no more;
I know I’ve never been this way before.

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Written by macheide

8 January 1997 at 2:00 am

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