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try’n look th other way

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there’s this bit in desperado where antonio needs to reload and just stands there taking care of business like damned if he cares what’s flying all around him, all th bullets and broken glass and commotion and los lobos driving it all through, then he looks up with this totally dismissive sneer like how can you even pretend you know what you’re doing in th same bar i’m in and goes “you missed me” and then there are those who’d miss even that, still have unfinished homework on how to find it all so amusing

used to play chess all th time up on 14th and in washington square, did every restaurant and bar and club even on th west side, had julie to talk to every tuesday night over at the university, and yeah had david down there on 4th street, so i got a feel what why it’s so positively that, not that you need directions

and i have no gratitude, never did

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25 July 1984 at 8:20 pm

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